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(Yandere Kaedehara Kazuha x Female Reader) (YOU Au) You, an unfeeling, normal girl somehow manages to attract the attention of Kazuha Kaedehara, who just so happens to be missing a spark in his life that you gave him the day he laid eyes on you. Ever since, hes been popping up around you almost.. Hey yall. Uhhh sorry for making you guys wait for the next chapter. I&39;ve been really busy with school. AVID and AP World History is a pain in the A S S I&39;ll try to post it tomorrow if I can.. Sep 18, 2022 In this story you are in highschool, a 15 yo, so is everyone else because they&39;re sophomores like you, you mostly hang around yoriichi and kokushibo (obvs) but- they&39;re acting strange. They weren&39;t acting innocent like they use to as a child, they&39;ve changed, and you dont know how, but they did.. THEY WAKE UP FROM A WET DREAM GENSHIN IMPACT. feat diluc, childe, itto, kazuha xiao. warnings freader, somnophilia (off screen consent given), thigh jobs, you wake up, pussy jobs, pussy eating, dry humping. note this idea literally came to me while i was showering and i had to jump out to write it down sob but these .. Jul 27, 2021 Can you do the Yandere idol au with 4nemo. Cause theyre all beauties nothing can change my mind. Wooh First ask Here is a little drabble I made for you, enjoy (Might also make headcanons for the group) Tw Yandere, mention of violence. Disclaimer Yanderes are abusive, this is not a healthy crush.. Jul 27, 2021 Kazuha was the one to first notice you. A serene being in the middle of the cafe, face illuminated by the evening light. On your face was a beautiful smile more genuine than anything he had ever seen. You were the only one whose head didnt turn as they entered, even ignoring the obvious adoring look on the person beside yous face..
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c Truyn One's Desire (Yandere Kamisato Ayato x Reader) ca Asmilingpotato (Modern AU) The inevitable impact of trauma that Ayato had when he lost. ModerN AU first time doing a mordern au so it may suck Amazing. That was one words you would describe him. truely truely amazing. You adored him the way his eyes.

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